We need your help

As you might of guessed, websites, blogs and fan pages are very tideous, time consuming and very expensive. So we are reaching out to you for your help.

However, instead of just simply asking you for donations, like everyone else does, we have decided to give something back. 

Go to the comment box below and type in your name and 7 single digit numbers to win a cash gift. Then click on the donate button or the Paypal button at www.drpauloneverything.com to donate $1 or more. The more times you donate, the better chance you have of winning, the more you donate, the bigger the gift.

We are going to start with a prize gift of $50, however, we will only start payouts, when we reach 100 donations. After that, we will draw 7 numbers at random using an online number scrambler at the end of each month. We will notify you by email, the winning number and who won. In addition, we will post the winners and any website links in our website, unless you choose not too.

If no one wins, then your number gets rolled over to the next month and again and again, until we have a winner. Keeping in mind, that the jackpot will also increase, every month too.

If the jackpot exceeds $1000, we will require proof of ID via email, for security reasons.

So, ad, subscribe, donate and goodluck to you.